30 April 2009

A first for Deshok from Google

SEO Finally working for Flash websites:

Deshok.com acquired their first, tangible enquire via Google this week.
I ironically the project is for print and is currently being quoted for. This coincides with Deshok reaching Google page 2, under the search terms, "website design Bournemouth".

This in it's self, doesn't sound much like news but the above has been achived, by a single Flash page and, according to some, is impossible. : )

Visit the website: http://www.deshok.com

£18,000 worth of new work for Water Feature Designs.

Client: Water Feature Designs
Project: SEO Search Engine Optimisation . Website re-structure

Info: In January 2009 Water Feature Design and Deshok got together to see, if with the clever use of SEO an increased profile of the site, with-in Google and the big 3 search engines could be obtained.

The newly re-structure website was launched, early February 09 and has already achieved more than was expected. To-date Water Feature Design has attracted over £18,000 worth of new work and are now, looking to take on new staff to cope with this new increase in demand.

It is felt by the client, that this is as a direct result of this SEO work and they are planning a website re-design, in the summer, to better suit the more professional clients that they are attracting, nation wide.

Visit the website: http://www.waterfeaturedesign.co.uk

24 April 2009

London Marathon, This Sunday 26th

Ready to go:

I am running the London Marathon this Sunday, the 26th. The training is done, the carbs are being loaded and I ma ready to go.

A big thanks:
Donations for the good causes are going really well and I have raised over a £1000. There
is a little way to go to reach the target, so if you haven't sponsored me yet, get in there! : )
A big thank you to all who have supported me, especially in the last couple of months and thanks to everybody for your sponsorship. The Stroke Association and Ward5 Bournemouth hospital are two good causes that need all the help you can give.

15.5 seconds of fame:
Look out for me on telly, on Sunday morning. My number is: 48373 and I think I’m going to be the only one, dressed as a runner.

If you would like to make a donation, just click the link below.
Thank you once again for your help.

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17 April 2009

New website for GT Motors

Client: GT Motor Services
Project: Brand new website re-design 09

Info: After a long and expensive lunch : ) GT Motors finally agreed to commission Deshok.com, to design and implement the 3rd incarnation of their GT Motors.com website.

Visit the website: Coming soon

10 April 2009

Neil's London Marathon 09

Why the London Marathon:
I've wanted to run the London Marathon for a long time and now it has become something that I want to do, to achieve then tick it off my list. I’m not in for a race or competing, I just want to take part, run the whole thing with no walking and raise as much money as I can for my chosen charities.

The Stroke Association:

I approached the The Stroke Association, they seemed fun and friendly, they accepted my application and so here we are. I also wanted to run for a more local good-cause and one night at a BBQ at a friends I got chatting to another friend called Ali and she told me that she was a sister on Ward 5 Bournemouth Hospital and that no one ever donated any money to them and that they were quite forgotten. “OK” I said “I’ll run for you then” To find out more about the great work The Stroke Association do, visit there website: http://www.stroke.org.uk
Ward 5 Bournemouth Hospital:
Ward 5 doesn't have a website, so I will have to tell you that I think they are an under funded and over looked and hard working ward, that looks after elderly and psychologically vulnerable patients.

Give them your support:
The way I like to look at both of these good-causes is that there is an outside chance that we might need their services one day. I know its not a very cool thing to think about but I see supporting them, almost like insurance, so get behind them and donate as much as you can.

Do you want to give? Here’s how:
I'm still thinking of clever and out of the box ways to raise money. Below is my list so far:
  • Donate money Using JustGiving Gift Aid Click here
  • Donate using the widget in the side bar
  • Sponsor space on my running shirt (More info on that coming soon)
  • Just sponsor me in the usually way, by filling in a form

Remember, the goal is to raise £2500 so please do give generously and thank you for your support.

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Deshok 09 Portfolio

Client: Deshok.com Wesite Design & Marketing
Project: Clean, simple, easy to use portfolio site.

Info: Over the last couple of months, Deshok.com has been developing and building the new Deshok client, portfolio website. It is a very simple presentation with one mission. To show off your website and Deshok projects, in the best possible way.

Deshok.com now enjoys over 300 page views everyday, from all over the world and is seeing that traffic goes to your sites, via perspectives clients, wanting to see samples of Deshok work.
This information, been followed up on to give the Deshok visitor exactly what they want. Basically a big fat portfolio, right there on the home page. Easy to find, easy to navigate.

The goal here is this, If we are going to beat this crunchy feeling and work our way out of this recession, working together and scratching backs is the way forward.

Simple put, anything Deshok can do to improve your traffic, is going to be beneficial to us all.

Visit the website: http://www.deshok.com

Trade Price gets a bargin

Client: Trade Price UK
Project: New website

Info: Trade Price UK, is a very close professional and working partner of Glass Exchange and as such, was recommended to Deshok.com for a website make-over. The new website for Trade Price, will include project galleries, on-line quotation form and lots of information about the new services Trade Price will be able to offer.

Visit the website: http://www.tradepriceuk.com

Glass X gets Deshok factor

Client: Glass Exchange - Double glazing repairs & maintenance
Project: Brand new creative, on-line presentation

Info: Glass Exchange is an up-and-coming franchiser, based on the south coast, servicing the Double Glazing, maintenance needs of; businesses, public building, hospitals, landlords, and owner-occupiers.

Glass Exchange has asked Deshok.com to design and implement a new dynamic and multimedia rich, internet presentation to promote the Glass Exchange franchise and services.

Visit the website: http://www.deshok.com/glx

Emma Wimhurst, New home page.

Client: Emma Wimhurst EMpwr - Business Mentor
Project: New Home page and website design for the EMpwr website

Info: Deshok.com designed the originally website for Emma wimhurst ,almost a year ago and since then, things have changed for Emma and also the direction of her company.

Therefore, Emma has commissioned Deshok to product ideas, for a new home page and website that better suites her new course, of television work and public speaking. The new site will need to be; new content and feature rich with the option of being content managed. And also to help place Emma, along side other TV presenters and personalities.

Visit the website: http://www.EMpwr.co.uk