10 April 2009

Neil's London Marathon 09

Why the London Marathon:
I've wanted to run the London Marathon for a long time and now it has become something that I want to do, to achieve then tick it off my list. I’m not in for a race or competing, I just want to take part, run the whole thing with no walking and raise as much money as I can for my chosen charities.

The Stroke Association:

I approached the The Stroke Association, they seemed fun and friendly, they accepted my application and so here we are. I also wanted to run for a more local good-cause and one night at a BBQ at a friends I got chatting to another friend called Ali and she told me that she was a sister on Ward 5 Bournemouth Hospital and that no one ever donated any money to them and that they were quite forgotten. “OK” I said “I’ll run for you then” To find out more about the great work The Stroke Association do, visit there website: http://www.stroke.org.uk
Ward 5 Bournemouth Hospital:
Ward 5 doesn't have a website, so I will have to tell you that I think they are an under funded and over looked and hard working ward, that looks after elderly and psychologically vulnerable patients.

Give them your support:
The way I like to look at both of these good-causes is that there is an outside chance that we might need their services one day. I know its not a very cool thing to think about but I see supporting them, almost like insurance, so get behind them and donate as much as you can.

Do you want to give? Here’s how:
I'm still thinking of clever and out of the box ways to raise money. Below is my list so far:
  • Donate money Using JustGiving Gift Aid Click here
  • Donate using the widget in the side bar
  • Sponsor space on my running shirt (More info on that coming soon)
  • Just sponsor me in the usually way, by filling in a form

Remember, the goal is to raise £2500 so please do give generously and thank you for your support.

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