26 April 2013


Embracing the advent of the mobile friendly, adaptive and responsive website has brought all-sorts of challenges and lots of pleasures too.

I'm finding that I really enjoy designing "Home Screen" icons for Deshok mobile websites. These are the App like icons, that you can save to your phones Home Screen. They act like bookmarks, allowing you to find and access favourite and important websites easily. Quite an important feature I think, but often over looked.

Below you can find some favourite examples:

GT Motor Engineers
A brand new Blog based website, including CMS and a smart phone version of the site that will be implemented at a later stage.

Related link: http://www.gtmotors.com

Brightside Cottage
Mobile friendly website to promote and attract bookings for a holiday cottage nr Wimboure, Dorset.

Related link: http://www.brightsidecottage.co.uk

An e-commerce, mobile friendly website for children's cartoon characters, The Oodleybugs.

Related link: http://www.oodleybugs.co.uk

The Gaff  iPhone App icon
An icon for the iPhone App: GAFF the Gas Appliance Fault Finder. This is a domestic and commercial, gas heating appliance, error code database application.

Related link: -

For Deshok.com, my very own website.

Related link: http://www.deshok.com

Marine Electronic Systems
Marine Electronic Systems, has a full screen, desk/laptop website that automatically redirects to their mobile version, If the visitor is using a mobile device. This the MES Home Screen icon.

Related link: http://www.mesuk.com

Christchurch Carpets
Christchurch Carpets didn't want to compromise on their on-line presence and have a full screen desktop / laptop presentaion that automatically redirects to their mobile version of the site.

Related link: http://www.christchurchcarpets.co.uk