3 December 2012

Oodleybugs. Cheeky designs for your little monsters.

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For the past 3 years my wife and I have been trying for a child with the help of IVF.  The NHS and the Salisbury Fertility Centre at Salisbury Hospital have been helping us on our journey, a journey that as I write this, we are still progressing with (fingers crossed). However not being of the free loading persuasion, while painting the window sills in our bedroom, we had the bright idea of setting up a little side-line business in the hope that we could raise some money for our further treatment.  We will also donate a percentage to the Salisbury Hospital Stars Appeal and another infertility related charity that is still to be confirmed. We hope this will help fund IVF research that might help other couples in the future.

The business is the Oodleybugs.co.uk and features a collection of characters that I have been doodling for many years.

Who are the Oodleybugs?
The Ooodleybugs are a fun little family of characters who embody all sorts of children's activities, mischief and shenanigans in a physical form, They are intended to be fun, positive role models. They are fun happy and cheerful and although they are all sorts of different in shapes and sizes they are all friends and accept each other for their differences.

The Oodleybug products
The on-line store was opened a couple of weeks ago. You will find a really cool little range of children's t-shirts, baby suits, blankets and bibs, all featuring the Oodleybugs characters doing what Oodleybugs do. We also have a little children's bedtime storybook at the planning stage that will be available for iPads and tablets for download, with a paperback version following on should there be a demand.

The Oodleybug Mission
The mission for the moment is to just to build some awareness of our idea via Facebook. Basically, as many likes as we can get.

The Oodleybug call to action
Please do visit the Oodleybugs Facebook page at: facebook.com/oodleybugs and leave a 'LIKE' and share with your friends. Then if you fancy, when you've done that, visit our Oodleybugs on-line store and make a purchase.

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