20 May 2010

Trade Price bargin goes live

Client: Trade Price UK
Project: New website design

Info: A strong presentation for Trade Price UK. Including Galleries, slide shows .pdf down loads and features for all the main services that Trade Price UK can provide. This then leading through to a comprehensive data capture and on-line quotation request.

This was a new recommendation for Deshok.com.

Visit the website: http://www.tradepriceuk.com

PB Electrical Services

Client: PB Electrical Services
Project: New website and SEO

Info: After being let down by their previous Internet company, PB Electrical asked Deshok to design and build a new website for them.

A strong design brief was provided by the client; clean, simple, easy to navigate ready for SEO and on budget.

Visit the website: http://www.pbelectrical.co.uk


AthenaFilms goes flat screen

Client: Athena Films
Project: New website design for 2010

Info: The original Athena Films website was one of Deshok's very earliest projects so when it came for an upgrade in design and content Deshok was commissioned once more.

The concept of the original was continued i.e. Athena Films makes TV programs so why not display there Internet content with-in an interface that looks like a TV? but this time the idea was brought bang up-to-date and the previous Television was exchanged from the retro to the Plasma theme you can see now. The menu system was also updated and inspired by Windows player and mobile navigation.

This project is an excellent use of the Adobe Flash technology as it allows for show reels and demo videos to fully integrated into the sites design and structure, making the experience for the visitor more enjoable and seamless (No need for extra plug-ins or down-loads)

Visit the website: http://www.athenafilms.com


Mo'jive is back? with new nights

Client: Mo'jive
Project: Brand new Corporate IDs, for new Mo'jive nights

Info: Mo'jive is one of Deshok's oldest clients and as such it is always a pleasure to work with them.

This project, by Mo'jive standards was nice and easy. Basically the development of 4 new brands for 4 new Mo'jive nights that are to be rolled out in the very near future. All are a play on the original corporate brand i.e. Mo'retro, Mo'live, Mo'danze and Mo'luscious.

The finished items were provided to the client five formats; Photoshop layered, Full colour. jpg, Black & White.jpg, Full colour vector and Black & White vector all making the new brands very easy for the in-house design team to use accordingly.

Visit the website: http://www.mo'jive.com

Here comes the K9Kitty Crew

Client: K9Kitty Crew
Project: Website, Corporate ID, Vehicle livery and company stationery

Info: A brand new company launch and a brand new client for Deshok.

K9Kitty Crew have asked Deshok to develop a new Corporate ID, for the company and to develop and carry this through to a new website, promoting services and Tariffs, vehicle livery, promotional materials and company stationary.

K9Kitty Crew as the company name, was the idea of the client and inspired a comic book, almost Superhero look to the brand. This coupled with the clients great idea to develop cartoon characters, also helped to reinforce the comic book style. This style will also been seen in the look and feel of the website and other marketing materials.

This is a new business start-up and Deshok would like to wish them the best of luck with it.


New enquiry for Deshok - OYS

Client: OYS Ocean Yacht Systems
Project: Design and development of a new website

Info: A new enquiry for Deshok.com is OYS Ocean Yacht Systems, which is one of the world's leading suppliers to the Superyacht and high performance yachting market. Over the years they have built a reputation for delivering high quality rigging and hydraulic systems for hundreds of high profile vessels.

Still in the development stage OYS have asked Deshok to approach this project from a strong designers point of view with an envisis on graphics photography and animation. This being the case, the decision has been made to build the site, primarily in Flash. It was also important to OYS that an easy to use navigation system for the site was developed to counter issues with the system on their existing site.

A new recommendation for Deshok.com

Visit the website: http://www.deshok.com/oys

Ovik Group website launch & OVI

Client: OVIK Group
Project: Design consultancy for a brand new website for Ovik Group

Info: OVIK and Deshok have been working together for almost a year now and already a Patten is forming. OVIK had a very strong idea as to what they wanted to see for there new website. Based on the visual template laid-down by the OVIKOM website, this presentation also needed to inform the visitor quickly and easily as to the OVIK mission while keeping in mind that a large proportion of OVIK visitors will be doing so from a laptop. A full screen presentation without the need to scroll was required.

A new item developed for this site and to allow OVIK to present commercial videos it is now producing is the O.V.I. (OVIK Video Interface). Rather then the usual YouTube offering OVIK wanted something that looked robust and military based. This was achieved by integrating the video into Flash and utilising the programmes excellent HTTP streaming and progressive download system which mean large, high quality videos, streammed with little or no waiting for downloads.

View the video in action at http://www.oviks.com/clients
Then navigate to the Supacat pod and click the link to watch video. Easy :)

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