20 May 2010

AthenaFilms goes flat screen

Client: Athena Films
Project: New website design for 2010

Info: The original Athena Films website was one of Deshok's very earliest projects so when it came for an upgrade in design and content Deshok was commissioned once more.

The concept of the original was continued i.e. Athena Films makes TV programs so why not display there Internet content with-in an interface that looks like a TV? but this time the idea was brought bang up-to-date and the previous Television was exchanged from the retro to the Plasma theme you can see now. The menu system was also updated and inspired by Windows player and mobile navigation.

This project is an excellent use of the Adobe Flash technology as it allows for show reels and demo videos to fully integrated into the sites design and structure, making the experience for the visitor more enjoable and seamless (No need for extra plug-ins or down-loads)

Visit the website: http://www.athenafilms.com


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