28 December 2009

OVIKOM A new recommendation for Deshok.com

Client: OVIKOM.com
Project: Design and development of a new website for OVIKOM

Info: OVIKOM is the marketing and PR wing of OVIK Solutions and as such Deshok has been working along side their marketing department for many months now, providing a design consultancy service with relation to on-line marketing for their clients.

The OVIKOM project is one of many that OVIKOM and Deshok are collaborating on at the moment and the the first to go live early in the new year.

The brief here, was to inform the visitor in a quick, clean and simple manner, with a special attention being paid to the laptop visitor i.e., Where possible, all content to appear on the page with-out the need to scroll.

A new recommendation for Deshok.com

Visit the website: http://www.ovikom.com

CmyVideoCV Video CVs for graduates

Client: CmyVideoCV.com
Project: Design and development for a brand new website site for business start-up CmyVideoCV.com (see my video CV)

Info: CmyVideoCV.com approached Deshok in November 09 to design, develop and build a brand new website for a new, on-line business start-up. This first stage of the project is intended just as a warm-up for the main event that will roll out early in 2010. This part of the project informs the visitor of the service and invites them to register their interest early, in order to enter in a FREE prize draw and special site launch discount.

The site was up-loaded before Christmas with the intention of being a soft launch, to work out problems, if any, before the main push in the new year.

Visit the website: http://www.cmyvideocv.com

Brand new logo design for Water Feature Design

Client: Water Feature Design
Project: Design and development for a new corporate ID and brand for Water Feature Designs

Info: Working with WFD design is always a pleasure for Deshok as they have a very strong Idea of what they want to achieve and this new project: the development of a new corporate Identity and brand was no exception.

Deshok was happy to take client ideas and develop them into a logo device that would be used for every thing from vehicle livery, stationery and website Favicon through to business cards and team uniforms. The logo suit comes in two types. Photoshop and full colour, RGB and CMYK as you see above and vector base (Line art) the brand was also supplied in a collection of different visual formats and configurations so the client will be able to use the logo in-house for an email header, and placement with-in stationery.

Visit the website: http://www.waterfeaturedesign.co.uk

Water Feature Design goes SEO for 2010

Client: Water Feature Design
Project: SEO Search Engine Optimisation. Website re-structure

Info: In January 2009 Water Feature Design and Deshok got together again to see, if with the clever use of SEO an increased profile of the site, with-in Google and the big 3 search engines could be obtained.

The newly re-structure website was launched, early February 09 and achieved more than was expected. Over £22,000 worth of new work and new interest was directly related to the up-grade of the Water Features website

To follow up on this success, Earlier this month (14/12/09) Water Features design approached Deshok again with a long list of updates including five new sections, a gallery, improved page titles, descriptions, keywords and an updated and resubmitted site map. This new incarnation of the site was re-launched just before Christmas, so there are no results are thin but hopes are high that water feature can built on last years successes.

Visit the website: http://www.waterfeaturedesign.co.uk