19 September 2011

Nurturing by Nature. Natural goodness for your pet.

Client: Nurturing by Nature
Project: Splash page

More info: Nurturing by Nature have been in business for over 5 years, hand making their own version of the BARF (Bones And Raw Food) diet for dogs and cats and from humble beginnings, on a kitchen table and using the garage as a store room, quickly moved to their first shop in West Moors, Dorset. Not being a company to rest on their laurels, expansion is in the air and they have recently moved to a new larger unit in Upton nr Poole in Dorset.

A brand new eCommerce website has been commissioned by Nurturing by Nature which will allow the company to expande beyond servicing Bounrnemouth and surrounding area. But while this is being built, a quick and simple splash page has been designed and implemented, to hold the Internet fort until the main site is ready.

The splash page features all the main brand awareness devices, colours, a quick company short and contact details.

The full Nurturing by Nature ecomm site will be going live for the beginning of October.
Until then discover more at the following links.

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16 September 2011

The GAFF An iPhone App for professional gas engineers

Client: Bphs Ltd.
Project: Gas Appliance Fault Finder (GAFF)

Info: Back in May 2011 (Bphs Ltd) Bournemouth Plumbing & Heating Services approached Deshok.com with a crack-pot plan to design and create an iPhone App that provides professional gas engineers with easy and reliable access to the fault / error codes for the most popular domestic Gas boilers.

The need for a tool such as the Gas Appliance Fault Finder (GAFF) App was recognised when the engineers at Bphs ltd. found themselves working for rental companies and the general public who either had no manual, had misplaced it or simply never had one for their appliance.

Designed and built to be robust and reliable the GAFF App does not require WiFi or 3G to access the built-in database of gas appliance fault / error codes. This means that where ever the engineer is with-in the building, the cellar or the attic, they will always be able to access the GAFF App, find the diagnosis to the code presented and fix it.

A bold and simple interface was needed to make the GAFF App very easy to use in everyday working conditions. With one thumb and 2 taps, the user can easily find the boiler make and type they are working on, the fault code, followed by the faults Cause and Action, depending on the model. Allowing them to find the problem, fix it and be out of there double quick time.

  • Clear, simple and robust design
  • Very easy 2 tap operation
  • Covers the most popular boiler designs
  • No WiFi or 3G required for access
  • 1 thumb operation
  • A great solution to an everyday problem
  • Saves time and money

Once designed and built the Gas Appliance Fault Finder (GAFF) was used and tested by Bphs Ltd engineers in real working conditions to make sure the idea worked, that it was useful and there were no problems with it. The GAFF App came out of its testing period with all thumbs up.

The GAFF App is available on the AppStore and iTunes to download?

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