6 July 2011

deshok.com? it's all about the client really.

Client: deshok.com
Project: A new corporate I.D. for 2011

Info: Social media has been a huge part for the Internet for years and now it is becoming an even bigger part of business on-line marketing and SEO.

Over the past year deshok has been working on an integrated programme, that starts with the company blog and then automatically feeds the company Facebook page, Twitter and linkedin accounts for the purposes of greater discoverability online and within these networks.

This post is supposed to be about a new corporate I.D. for deshok.com so how dose social networking fit in? Well this was the main reason for the redesign. Something that could be used across all networks, would be consistent and look great in all. Clean very simple, looks good when reduce and conveys an almost Puritanical attitude that the company i.e. Deshok is not important what they do for the client is or to put it another way, there is no time for their own brand other than what you see, because they are to busy designing great brands and award winning websites for their clients. So in-a-way, the client and the work is the brand, that is the I.D.

Having said all of the above - it took months, to make the logo look like it had been designed in the lunch hour, on the back of a napkin : ) The colours? Black and White the font? Deshok modified; Helvetica Neue, regular and bold.

So the design concept is; Deshok, the shock being represented by a five pointed star. An actual star in this case, was considered a bit twee so it as been reduced, refined and minimised to a single point of what was once, a 5 pointed star, in the top left hand corner of the capital void. This theme was carried through on a subliminal level, to the ascenders of the Deshok logo type.

Ay? oh look at the pictures : )

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5 July 2011

Face up to the future or get out the way! Bphs is.

Client: Bphs 
Project: iPhone app

More info: As a graphic design company Deshok is only too aware that they must embrace change otherwise they are not going to be competitive and therefor useful to their clients. That being so, over the past couple of weeks, Deshok has been working on its very first iPhone App.

This is going to be a hardcore, database driven tool for a niche, professional market. Being very simple in its lay-out and usability the majority of the work is going into the back end functionality and database of the App. Being something of a baptism of fire, the data alone took 4 solid days to input and that is only for the first stage release. However it has been found, that the design side of the App built is an absolute pleasure. Being something between print and creating for the Internet.

Anyway progress is at a pace, the client is very pleased and the App should be finished, give or take a week, at the end of July 2011.

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2 July 2011

AthenaFilms getting down and dirty

Client: Athena Films
Project: Athena Video production

Info: Full story coming soon but for now, can't you just enjoy the videos?.

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