10 September 2009

The snoons

Client: Lorna Dutch – Illustrator
Project: The snooons

Info: Lorna is a creative illustrator, who is currently developing a collection of product based characters called the snooons. Lorna has asked Deshok to reproduce her original concepts, as clean graphic images that can, eventually be reproduced as finished artwork for screen and litho print.

This is a new venture for Lorna and I would like to wish her the best of luck with it

Ovik Solutions | Plattmounts

Client: Ovik Solutions Ltd – Global defence consultancy
Project: Brand new creative, on-line presentation for Plattmounts and Bronco

Info: Ovil Solutions is a brand new, recommendation and client for Deshok.com and as such, they thought is would be very funny, to throw me in at the deep end and immediately commission Deshok to design 2 new websites for them.

The first being for Plattmounts, an Australian company that designs, innovates and produces gun mountings, or Ring and Swing mounts for military vehicles such as the Bronco.
The second project is indeed a new on-line presentation for Bronco. The All Terrain Tracked Carrier, that is currently being deployed in Afghanistan, by the British army and other NATO forces.

The mission here is to sell more units and Ovik felt that the unique Deshok design style, would more then help to achieve this goal.

The new Plattmounts website is in production now and the Bronco site will be started in about a week. 14/9/09

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9 September 2009

Ruroc goes F1

Ruroc is not not a client of Deshok but they are a client of B.E.C Group and I first became aware of Ruroc when I was visiting B.E.C. Group about 2 years ago.

The Ruroc helmet was in it’s early days of design and development then and as I am a very keen snowboarder, Jeff Elvy, managing director of B.E.C and the man I was meeting with that day, asked me what I thought of it? The prototype he offer me was not much to look at, so I was diplomatic with my answer but even then, you could see the Ruroc helmet was going to be very very cool one day but who would have though, F1 cool.

Click here to visit the Ruroc website to find out more.

Excellent chrome finish achieved by B.E.C gives the the pit crew important flash protection.

Force India F1 pit crew.

I don’t have the absolute details here but I think the RedBull F1 pit crew were the first to adopt the Ruroc helmet, closely followed by other teams, such as Vodafone McLaren and Force Inida. Ruroc decided to embrace this and have developed a helmet especially for F1.

I think this is an excellent example of adapting to the demands of the client and turning it to your advantage.