9 September 2009

Ruroc goes F1

Ruroc is not not a client of Deshok but they are a client of B.E.C Group and I first became aware of Ruroc when I was visiting B.E.C. Group about 2 years ago.

The Ruroc helmet was in it’s early days of design and development then and as I am a very keen snowboarder, Jeff Elvy, managing director of B.E.C and the man I was meeting with that day, asked me what I thought of it? The prototype he offer me was not much to look at, so I was diplomatic with my answer but even then, you could see the Ruroc helmet was going to be very very cool one day but who would have though, F1 cool.

Click here to visit the Ruroc website to find out more.

Excellent chrome finish achieved by B.E.C gives the the pit crew important flash protection.

Force India F1 pit crew.

I don’t have the absolute details here but I think the RedBull F1 pit crew were the first to adopt the Ruroc helmet, closely followed by other teams, such as Vodafone McLaren and Force Inida. Ruroc decided to embrace this and have developed a helmet especially for F1.

I think this is an excellent example of adapting to the demands of the client and turning it to your advantage.


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