4 May 2009

London Marathon 2009? Done!

On the 26th of April 2009 I ran the London Marathon and I actually enjoyed most of it.
In training I could only manage 16 miles so I didn't expect to be-able to run all of it but thanks to “Jelly Babies”, I ran the lot in 5hrs ish, I am very chuffed.

I am going to write a decent account of my experience, for those who are interested and sponsored me.

But until then, here are the stats:

I finished 20,101th
I was 2,478 for my age group “45”
I ran it in a time of 5.10.24 secs
My average pace was 11:50 per mile
I only lost one toe nail
And so-far I’ve raised £1,154,21 for my charities which I'm relieved about.

If I had known all this information, was going to a be available for people to see, I would have tried harder : )

Thank you once again to everybody for your support.