22 February 2013

Julia's House Website re-design stage #1

A good friend and colleague, Dominic Yeadon said; "Fancy working with me, for a very worthy cause"? Early in January 2013, we had a joint meeting at the TMB offices, with Julia's House. A locally focused charity, that provides children with life-limiting conditions and their family's, with rest-bite care.

Julia's House is the only charity in Dorset, that offers such care and enjoys the patronage of celebrities such as: Martin Clunes, Lesley Waters, Chris Jarvis, Harry Redknapp and Debra Stephenson to name but a few.

Julia's House was established in 2003, that being so, this year is their 10th birthday and have commissioned TMB and Deshok to produce a raft of marketing materials and assets to help with the celebrations and to re-brand and refresh Julia's House for the coming years.

10yr Teddy
To take the original Julia's House logo and give it the party, disco teddy treatment. This design was certainly on the short list for a while and different treatments were considered.

10yr Teddy as a symbol
As a stand alone symbol, that could work as a badge, sticker or printed on to Tee shirts etc.

10yr Party Plessy, Mary Anning and the Jurassic coast.
An off the wall and off brief concept but I had the idea and wanted to see it real, what can I tell you. One of the themes at Julia's House is The Jurassic Coast so I wonded if that could be used as a idea for the 10yr birthday party. To be honest this found its way to the "No list" very quickly but the Julia's House team appreciated the fact the idea had been explored. Very diplomatic I thought : )

10ry Birthday Butterfly treatment number 1.
Butterfly's are another of the themes, followed by Julia's House and when you visit the Hospice in Dorset, you see them everywhere. On the carpets, wallpaper, bedlinen, even hanging from the ceilings so this was an other idea that was explored by Deshok. Once in a highly visually stimulating cartoon format and below, a more developed, simplified, graphic form.


Is it a butterfly? it reminds me of a ribbon.
Incorporating a ribbon, that is rapped around the Julia's House logo, made the butterfly look like a ribbon. In this treatment, is a butterfly? is it a ribbon? is it a birthday present? Does this represent a gift to those who use the Julia's House facilities? there's no need to decide.

First things First, Julia's House needed a new brand to help with 10 year celebrations, but rather than create something that was completely different, Deshok opted to retaining the exciting logo, recognition and good will that it had established for it self over the years, and to give a 10 year birthday party look and feel, so enjoying the best of both worlds. A couple of off-the-wall idea were also thrown into the mix more from personal reason than professional. We had the ideas and wanted to see them real : ) and some times? off-the-wall can be right on-trend, let the clients decide.

And the winner is...
The final choice was Julia's House, Party Parcel. This option was chosen for its no-nonsense and unmistakable birthday party massage, while clearly retaining the existing brands, look and feel. Job done and done!

Find out more about Julia's House The Dorset Children's Hospice, visit their website at www.juliashouse.org You could even make a donation.

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