20 May 2010

Mo'jive is back? with new nights

Client: Mo'jive
Project: Brand new Corporate IDs, for new Mo'jive nights

Info: Mo'jive is one of Deshok's oldest clients and as such it is always a pleasure to work with them.

This project, by Mo'jive standards was nice and easy. Basically the development of 4 new brands for 4 new Mo'jive nights that are to be rolled out in the very near future. All are a play on the original corporate brand i.e. Mo'retro, Mo'live, Mo'danze and Mo'luscious.

The finished items were provided to the client five formats; Photoshop layered, Full colour. jpg, Black & White.jpg, Full colour vector and Black & White vector all making the new brands very easy for the in-house design team to use accordingly.

Visit the website: http://www.mo'jive.com

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