10 April 2009

Deshok 09 Portfolio

Client: Deshok.com Wesite Design & Marketing
Project: Clean, simple, easy to use portfolio site.

Info: Over the last couple of months, Deshok.com has been developing and building the new Deshok client, portfolio website. It is a very simple presentation with one mission. To show off your website and Deshok projects, in the best possible way.

Deshok.com now enjoys over 300 page views everyday, from all over the world and is seeing that traffic goes to your sites, via perspectives clients, wanting to see samples of Deshok work.
This information, been followed up on to give the Deshok visitor exactly what they want. Basically a big fat portfolio, right there on the home page. Easy to find, easy to navigate.

The goal here is this, If we are going to beat this crunchy feeling and work our way out of this recession, working together and scratching backs is the way forward.

Simple put, anything Deshok can do to improve your traffic, is going to be beneficial to us all.

Visit the website: http://www.deshok.com


  1. Neil, love the new site. I didn't realize that I could click on the pictures to see more. Maybe you should tell people that. Is there more to come, more pages?

  2. So good to here from you. I like the site very much, quite grown up for you :D