10 April 2009

Glass X gets Deshok factor

Client: Glass Exchange - Double glazing repairs & maintenance
Project: Brand new creative, on-line presentation

Info: Glass Exchange is an up-and-coming franchiser, based on the south coast, servicing the Double Glazing, maintenance needs of; businesses, public building, hospitals, landlords, and owner-occupiers.

Glass Exchange has asked Deshok.com to design and implement a new dynamic and multimedia rich, internet presentation to promote the Glass Exchange franchise and services.

Visit the website: http://www.deshok.com/glx


  1. Really like the tweening the intro.

  2. Thanks for putting the site on your news page.
    You need to put a button on your Deshock website so I can find the blog.
    Thanks for the website it's looking really good so far.

  3. This isn't really me butu good work with the Blog.
    You know i'll read anything.