10 October 2013


A while ago I was asked to come up with concepts for a new website for the Bronco soon after to become the Warthog - All terrain protected mobility vehicle.

The idea I came up with for the website interface was to replicate the cockpit of the Bronco, giving the visitor the look and feel of actually siting the vehicle and driving it. using cockpit instruments as buttons to navigate to other sections of the site and having content project its self (heads-up-display styley) on the windscreen.

The client loved the idea but unfortunately as with most concepts reality rained me in, never-the-less I did get to fulfil childhood dreams and clime all over this most awesome of armoured utility vehicles.

These pictures were for reference purposes, to help me with the interface design. In the end this project never-saw-the-light of day however, the concept or rather part of it did find its way into another project for the same client so if you like, the son of Bronco lived on.

Early project concepts

Home page featuring flick switches and press buttons from the vehicle.

About page features more text as required but images were clickable to view much larger.

The gallery was a late addition to this stage of the project as initially images weren't available. This was a custom gallery motor and included play pause and image selection. Can you believe that this was quite advanced stuff at the time : )

Click the link below to see how this concept was re-imaged and re-used for another vertical in the companies portfolio. A very clever application of the term, waste not, want not!

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