30 October 2013


Over the the past months Deshok has been going through a bit of a brand transformation, most of which is a beyond the scope of this post but as part of this re-branding exercise I decided that I would like to create a texture that can be used as a background in a multitude of circumstances. 

This texture could be used as cover for brochures or the background for a business card, computer and website wallpapers or even wrapped around a Mini! I had a little play with visuals such as sheet steel, rusty metal concert and carbon fibre in the end I settled on camouflage or to be more specific, MultiCam. This is the bang up-date-to-date camo that is currently issued to to the British army in fact it is issued to all major armies keen on keeping their personal safe.

Just to copy the existing and © Copyrighted MultiCam was not an option, I wanted to put a slight Deshok twist to it.

So how did I do this?
Firstly and using some genuine MultiCam as a guide, I drew out all the elements of the camouflage in AI, creating a layer per colour, 5 in total. This was longest part of the project but I felt important to get right.

You will notice that I have included the Deshok brand to some of the colour layers.

Above is quite close to the original MultiCam colour ways. This didn't seem right for my purposes.  

Next? colours.
To start with and so I had visual base to work from I used close to the original colours. The finished item did not look right for my needs at all so in the end and after much faff I decided on subdued olive green hues. This works very well with white Deshok brand and the orange of the Deshok skills icon set and the Gut "N" Glory crest.

As this was produced as a vector based AI illustration I can enlarge and scale as much as I need and it will always look great. Like -wise, it can easily be dropped into Photoshop and saved out as .jpg .png . eps etc for use on line and off-the-page.

Above a test piece to see how it will look in action.

Find out more about genuine MultiCam visit the MultiCam site at the link below.

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