10 October 2013


It seems like a thousand years ago now but I used to visit this cool street fashion shop in Bournemouth and moon over a book they had there, called: DPM - DISRUPTIVE PATTERN MATERIAL: AN ENCYCLOPEDIA OF CAMOUFLAGE by Hardy Blechman head designer at maharishi, a company he founded in 1994.

A beautiful object but at £400 a bit out of my budget. But why so expensive? I suspect it was limited edition with a small print run and the production values were beautiful. Full colour though out many many spot colours, Matt laminated with spot UV varnish. This was a coffee table book of 2 parts and came in beautiful box to protect your investment. I have been able to find the book for sale on Amazon usually pre-owned and going for upwards of £1400 mint condition you understand but you see what I mean by investment.

DPM : Disruptive Pattern Material is Hardy Blechman’s exploration into the vast world of camouflage, drawing on the knowledge of an extensive team of consultants the encyclopedia charts the history and theory of camouflage from its original concept in nature, through to its adoption by the military and on to its popularity and use within modern civilian culture. So if anyone is looking for an excellent birthday or Christmas gift idea here you go, other than that, Id better start saving my pennies.

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