20 March 2013

Nurturing by Nature - ifeed raw.

Client: Nurturing by Nature Project: eCommerce and new brand History:
Nurturing by Nature have been in business for over 5 years, hand making their own version of the BARF (Bones And Raw Food) diet for dogs and cats and from humble beginnings, on a kitchen table and using the garage as a store room, quickly moved to their first shop in West Moors, Dorset. Not being a company to rest on their laurels, expansion was in the air and in 2011 moved to a new larger production unit in Upton nr Poole in Dorset.

A brand new eCommerce website was commissioned by Nurturing by Nature which would allow the company to expand beyond servicing Bournemouth and surrounding area. The eCommerce website was made live summer 2011 and in one year became a very strong, 3rd revenue stream for the company. In the first months everyone was happy with four weeks, four orders, now the website is averaging 35 multiple orders a week. But how was this been achieved? 

One of my first questions when discussing and new project is, how are you going to market the new website? In this case and based on the Nurturing by Nature demographic, social media was used and played a very strong role in achieving the sales. Nurturing by Nature have embraced this ethos, made it their own and have become masters in the field. Using Facebook, amongst over online platforms to engage with their customers bring them into the brand and create a felling of belonging. 

But a website dose not stand alone and for 6 months Deshok worked hard on the new branding for Nurturing by Nature. There was an open brief so we took our lead from 2 sources. 1. A natural product the way nature originally intended and the benefits of the product to the customer and pets. So the concept that was chosen was that of Neolithic cave painting or rock art of a running wolf, with the inner silhouette of a modern dog. So why this rationale? As we know the modern domestic dog is an ancestor of the wolf, domesticated 1000s of years ago. The Nurturing by Nature way is, a natural raw and mixed diet of meat, fish and vegetables for your pet just as the ancient ancestors of the dog would have eaten and indeed, exactly as modern wolfs do to day. Nurturing by Nature believe that this is the most healthy diet for your pet. 

A brand for all reasons: 
This new brand has then been created to fit with elements of the the Nurturing by Nature marketing family. From delivery vans and stationery, too Facebook, shop fronts. And everything in between. Nurturing by Nature have big plans for their business growth and have taken their new branding very seriously. Following three Deshok marketing commandments: 

1. Dress for the job you want 
2. Keep it simple
3. Make each link in your marketing chain be as strong as the last. 

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