12 March 2013

GT Motors new website for 2013

GT Motor Services home page, all the services at a glance with a clear call-to-action.
The GT Motor Services ethos has always been; “All the service of a main dealer at realistic prices” So with this in-mind, for the 4th incarnation of GTs website, Deshok has really taken this on board and created this new website, to position GTs where they deserve to be and to help them compete, on a level playing field, with the main dealers.

Custom iPhone icon.
While paying homage to the previous website design, Deshok has built a completely new site from the ground up, to incorporate all the features business demand;

• Better search engine visibility (SEO)
• iPhone, Ipad, Smart phone and tablet friendly
• Content management system (CMS)
• Socially discoverable via Facebook and Twitter etc
• Simple to use
• Great design      

One of the requirements from the client, was to make the site easier to use and the services provided by GTs more obvious. A simple dashboard inspired icon system, was designed for incorporation into the website, advertising, banners and point-of-sale. This being considered to be more elegant, then the usual list of bullet points.

GT Motors services custom icon set.
New GTs logo for 2013, including service symbols in situation.
The GTs brand was also given a little makeover, pushing toward a more subtle use of the colour pallet. Making it easier to read and the message more clear.

Visit the new site and when your car needs a Service or MOT... call GT Motors : ).

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