12 November 2012

The Snowball A5, 4/4, 2pp

Its off the page:
Over the past year, we have seen a steady growth in graphic design to print or OTP (Off The Page). Projects ranging from brochures to business cards and direct mail.

The Snowball commission:
Even the mighty Google are getting into it but that is another story, for another post but today, the Christmas rush has started with this flyer, that existing client, friend and all round dance guru; Daniel Murrell has commissioned for his up-coming Christmas dance party, "The Snowball". Marketing has taken the shape of, word-of-mouth and Facebook but is being reinforced and backed-up with, this A5, double sided flyer. Daniel is one our best loved and established clients but discerning is his middle name and knowing him like we do, the usual Christmas iconography was not going to cut the mustard so here we have created from scratch and hand-drawn tis Snowball motif as the identity for this very special evening event.

How was it created?
The motif started life as sketch and then was scanned and taken into Adobe Illustrator, where is was re-created as a vector based artwork. The scroll work was time consuming and for the most part, drawn by hand. Once this stage was complete, the motif was taken into Photoshop, where special effects were applied. The finished artwork was put together in InDesign and made ready for litho printing.

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