9 November 2012

New Deshok business cards 2012/13

We love getting parcels:
A parcel arrived at offices offices this week, containing the new Deshok business cards for 2012/13. I am really pleased with how they have turned out. The business cards are printed full colour, front and back, they are gloss laminated. The idea being, that they stay fresh in my clients wallets once I have presented them.

Custom QR code:
I found last year that, utilising the white space on the back of the card for a custom printed QR code, was really useful. I see QR codes as a really convenient way for my clients to access my website, without having to thumbling around, keying in a web address. Especially on a smart phone.

Get your own QR code:
If you want to try this for your business cards, my friends over at: Free QR CodeTracker can provide you with a custom QR code, along with on-line tracking and analytics so you can see how many people are using it etc. Its a great service and absolutely free!.

£100? cheep @ half the price:
I still can't get used to how cheap it is to have items like this printed now. Around the £100 mark from RCS the printers. I remember when cards like this could cost £500, you just wouldn’t have entertained the notion.

The best time:
I don’t’ think there has ever been a better time to be setting-up a small business. However small your business, you can now afford to have marketing materials that are every-bit as professional as bigger companies.

I guess the only problem is... Now your customers and clients kind of expect it. : )

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