13 July 2009

Neil Stevens Creative Consultancy

Creative consultancy has always been a service that Neil Stevens @ Deshok has provided, as part of the whole design process. Over the past few years it has grown to become potentially, a business in its own right.

What is Creative Consultancy?
Creative consultancy is the deliberate application of creative ideas, in a graphic, idealistic and administrative form, for the direct pursuit of better business success. The plan is usually presented to the client as a Bible, an instruction manual that the client and their team can refer back to as the project gets underway. The Bible is backed up and reinforces with regular face-to-face meetings, where ideas may be tweaked and honed to achieve the best possible performance.

A resent and successful project was for Water Feature designs, who achieved over £22,000 worth of new leads, based on the ideas for website, search engine, optimisation and search engine marketing that came about from just such a consultancy process.

So-far, everyone concerned, is very pleased with the new attention that Water Feature Designs is attracting and as part of the ongoing project, the next step for Water Feature Designs is to find and analyse, weaknesses in their conversion approach and how to professionally convert these new leads that are coming from larger corporate construction companies and developers.

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