27 June 2009

The Recession is over. Lets get to work!

The recession is over, according The National Institute of Economic and Social Research (NIESR) estimates that Britain’s gross domestic product returned to growth in April and May. Official GDP figures will be published in July, but the institute thinks that the recession bottomed out in March. Read more here...

I don’t feel qualified to comment on the state of the recession in Dorset or England let alone the rest of the world but for Deshok.com in Bournemouth, the recession is all but over. Several major projects were confirmed this week, so we decided to to seize the moment to celebrate with as much style as we possibly could. Thank to all at the Print Room restaurant in Bournemouth for looking after us.

Now lets get to work:
Emma Wimhursts’ Business mentoring project continues to gain momentum and she has placed a substantial commission with Deshok which will keep me busy for the next couple of months and one that I am really looking forward to starting early in July 09.

B.EC. Group plastic engineering:

I had another very encouraging meeting with Mark Elvy of B.EC. Group plastic engineering fame. We are discussing the new incarnation of the B.E.C. Group website. Work for that should start in September 09. Until then I have quotes to prepare for current website up-grades, HTML Email e-drops, and a brochure. What’s with all these off-the-page projects that are coming out of the woodwork at the moment?

More X factor for Glass Exchange:

Glass Exchanges the double glazing maintenance franchise, are taking their first steps to up-date their company brand. Advertising is first, closely followed by branding and van coach work. To be phase-in with newer franchise first.

Along with other smaller projects we should be busy until the new year... a relief.
Long may those green shoots keep growing.

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