23 November 2012

Fine Jewellery, Photoshop retouching

The commission:
Good friend, client and family jeweler; Anthony Sanders, asked me to make some changes and up-grades to his website. One of the those changes was to replace the huge hero-shot of a beautiful bracelet that Tony had designed and made by hand, with another huge hero-shot of a new piece recently commissioned. I have always enjoy PhotoShop work, especially if the photography and the subject are great and this project was a great case-in-point.

Zoom-in and see the ferocity!
For use and placement within the website, the bracelet had to be cut out from the photographic background and saved with as a transparent.png. This piece was nr perfectly produced so not much airbrushing of imperfections was required, however there are always little markers of ferocity, if you really zoom-in and given the calibre of Tony's clients this needed to be perfect. Hue and saturation were adjusted, colours were corrected and little flourishes such as the little glints add. Two version were produced. The one you see here and another that was finally chosen for the site.
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