30 June 2011

CVRT (Combat Vehicle Reconnaissance Tracked)

Client: OVIK Group / OVIKOM
Project: Comprehensive Spares and Technical Support

Info: When you have a huge wear-house full of Scorpion Stormer and Scimitar spares and you have access to potentially one of the largest sources of spare of this type in the UK, what do you do? You set up business to supply the UK and and beyond with every conceivable CVRT (Combat Vehicle Reconnaissance Tracked) spare know to man.

OVIK approached Deshok just before Christmas 2010 to do the usual, as they called it. To design and develop a dynamic, visually inspiring information base for the new CVRT spares supply business. OVIK felt that baby steps were required in that a high end client facing design was be required and a full database driven inventory and online sales system would be 2nd and 3rd stages of the project that would follow on.

This project is in production but this first stage will launch very soon.

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