13 September 2010

Cameleon-MMS Multi Mission System

Client: Cameleon-mms for OVIKOM
Project: Brand new website and corporate ID

Info: Deshok.com was commissioned to come up with concepts for a Corporate ID and website for the new Cameleon Multi Mission System. A multi role combat support vehicle designed and developed by OVIK and based on the IVECO ECOdaily.

A robust look and feel was required and that the site should look like part of the vehicle, part of the instrumentation and SatNav. So elements where literally taken in the form of digital photographs from the Cameleons dash board and cabin interior and these where integrated into the site interface design. So we see military spec flicker switches for the main site navigation and a starter switch for contact us etc.

The website had to be built in time for up coming exhibitions and in true OVIKS form to a tight budget : )

The Cameleon brand, as the vehicle, had to suit a multitude of tasks; ranging from vehicle livery, bonnet badges and promotional clothing, through to stationary, leaflets and exhibitions materials.

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  2. So now you know I've seen yours too. Looking good.