20 May 2010

Ovik Group website launch & OVI

Client: OVIK Group
Project: Design consultancy for a brand new website for Ovik Group

Info: OVIK and Deshok have been working together for almost a year now and already a Patten is forming. OVIK had a very strong idea as to what they wanted to see for there new website. Based on the visual template laid-down by the OVIKOM website, this presentation also needed to inform the visitor quickly and easily as to the OVIK mission while keeping in mind that a large proportion of OVIK visitors will be doing so from a laptop. A full screen presentation without the need to scroll was required.

A new item developed for this site and to allow OVIK to present commercial videos it is now producing is the O.V.I. (OVIK Video Interface). Rather then the usual YouTube offering OVIK wanted something that looked robust and military based. This was achieved by integrating the video into Flash and utilising the programmes excellent HTTP streaming and progressive download system which mean large, high quality videos, streammed with little or no waiting for downloads.

View the video in action at http://www.oviks.com/clients
Then navigate to the Supacat pod and click the link to watch video. Easy :)

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