28 December 2009

OVIKOM A new recommendation for Deshok.com

Client: OVIKOM.com
Project: Design and development of a new website for OVIKOM

Info: OVIKOM is the marketing and PR wing of OVIK Solutions and as such Deshok has been working along side their marketing department for many months now, providing a design consultancy service with relation to on-line marketing for their clients.

The OVIKOM project is one of many that OVIKOM and Deshok are collaborating on at the moment and the the first to go live early in the new year.

The brief here, was to inform the visitor in a quick, clean and simple manner, with a special attention being paid to the laptop visitor i.e., Where possible, all content to appear on the page with-out the need to scroll.

A new recommendation for Deshok.com

Visit the website: http://www.ovikom.com