6 June 2009

ShokBot! Back by popular demand?

After along beach holiday by the looks of it, ShokBot is back and by popular demand.

ShokBot was a device that we created at Deshok to embody the friendly and approachable face of technology. In this case computers the internet and websites.

ShokBot was used in advertising campaigns and website promotions back in 2004 –2005ish and we believe played a big part in helping us win the website awards for the site, he was featured in www.deshok.com/archive/shokbot. and not to mention, new clients from over seas.

Clients have rallied to his cause and have asked

Where is he?

Why don’t you use him any more?
“Don’t you know that it was the robot that made us want to call Deshok”!So he is back and featured on the new Deshok Work / Portfolio site. Lets just see how he performs?

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