14 June 2009

Neil@deshok gets Twittered

I have decided to sign-up to Twitter,
I've been Twittered!I have been following Twitter for more than a year and couldn’t get my head around it.
None of my friends or clients are on Twitter so I couldn’t see it working for me. And then I realised that, for want of a better term, it is an open source, i.e. everybody can read your Tweets. So unlike FaceBook someone who wants to see what you have been up to doesn’t need to be a friend or part of my network. So I can point people at my Twitter and let them get on with it.

As yet I’m not sure how I’m going to use Twitter, how useful it will be to me or whether it will fit into my life very well, for now, to be honest I just like signing up to these things : )

Visit my Twitter at: http://twitter.com/deshok

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