4 June 2009

Emma Wimhurst goes for a re-design

Client: Emma Wimhurst EMpwr - Business Mentor
Project: New Home page and website re-design for the EMpwr website

Info: Deshok.com designed the originally website for Emma Wimhurst, almost a year ago and since then, things have changed dramatically for Emma and also the direction of her company.

Therefore, Emma commissioned Deshok.com to design a new home page and website that better suites her new business course, of television work and public speaking. The new site is content and feature rich, including dynamically streaming videos, with the option of quick and easy content management. The main goal here, is to keep visitors aspersed of Emma Wimhurst's busy schedule and also to help place her, along side other TV presenters, personalities and entrepreneurs.

Visit the website: http://www.EMpwr.co.uk

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