6 June 2008



On the 27th of October 2007, Stephanie and I enjoyed the privilege of being married in the beautiful city of Bath.

We had a beautiful wedding surrounded by family and good friends but unfortunately some could not make it, so I decided to design a website to act as a wedding galley. This was really a self indulgent project for me, basically having an idea as to how a site to celebrate and remember our wedding day would look, wanting to see it real.

As time went by, guests started to ask questions about our wedding day, as some of them are planning their own weddings and events in the near future. Who did we use for this? What company helped us with that? So the site started to get larger to accommodate the information and recommendations we were being asked for.

Below is a collection of key Photos and designs. To see the complete website
visit: http://www.abathwedding.co.uk/

We wanted also like to dedicate the website to Grandma Celestina, who sadly passed away the week after the wedding. And also to her carer Uncle Eddie.

Stephanie happy, and all ready to go.

Down from the hills came the marauding hordes.

Luckily for us, the photographer Brian Taylor had a window in his diary for the 27th of October to come to Bath and shoot the official photographs of our wedding. And after a very long day, what he produced took our breath away.

His brief was four fold; Formal reportage with a strong emphasis on friends and location. This was almost a contradiction in terms but we feel that Brian Taylor achieved the balance perfectly.

In the gallery you will find photographs that record the events of the day from hair and make-up to slicing the cake and speeches and we feel that they best capture the emotion fun and the atmosphere of the day.

Please enjoy the gallery and email us with your thoughts: neil@deshok.com
Visit Brian Taylor's website at: http://www.aperturephoto.co.uk/

"CHARGE"! Steph and bridesmaids; Debbie and Rachel, armed to the teeth as always.

Gottle of Gear? Best Man Craig and Neil the groom (me)

Steph and I talking about Craig. Think he's heard.

Steph commenting on the quality of my nasal grooming. She
was impressed and relieved that I'd bothered.

Signing the register.

The royal houses of Gabriel and Stevens were at last joined and peace reigned through out the land.

Very smart bouncers. If your names' not on the list...oh sod it, come in anyway.

I wasn't very impressed with the venue for the reception. They could have at least thrown a couple of chlorine tablet in the pool. But I guess it will look a lot nicer when it's finished. At the moment it just looks like a ruin.

The reception was a small and intimate affair... just me a Steph and the food
was a bit sparse as well.

Lovely view of the pool and a couple of Saturday night drunks that had wandered in from the street. Stephanie and I were glad of the company.

"Quick, food! You grab what you can and I'll beat them off with 'Skull cleaver' - my rose covered war mace", said Stephanie.

During the speeches, it was as much as Stephanie could do just to keep her eyes open.

In this section you can see a collection of printed pieces designed for our wedding. starting with the wedding invitation through to the menus used at the reception and stationery.

The black, white and gold theme was one that Stephanie and I agreed upon quite early in the conception of the day and was inspired by the beautiful, black and white marble floors that can be found in the Bath Terrace and the Victoria Art Gallery. This theme was also appropriate as ours was an evening, city wedding that took place during the autumn.

The circular symbol that came to represent a table setting and was used as such in the seating plan was inspired by the pattern from the grooms mens ties.

The menu also features a rendering of "Bacchus" the Roman god of feasting which
toward the end of the evening became quite appropriate.

I really enjoyed preparing all the print and design for our wedding.
This is the Invitation with matching envelope and R.S.V.P. card.

Wedding Invitation again. These were all hand finished by Steph and me.
It took us a week.

Matching table menus. Individually produced by hand for each guest.

Stationery for wedding corespondents.

Stephanie's engagement ring was the first thing designed for the wedding and it was not inspired by Bath or any of the venues, but more by Stephanie's love of Art-Deco design and architecture.

Clean and simple, but glamorous. This theme was then considered and followed for Stephanie's wedding ring and my own.

Anthony Sanders is one of the top jewellers for "Graff of London" and was asked to make the rings for us. From our first meeting, to finished rings, it was a joy to work with
Tony. Stephanie and I would like to thank Tony and Vicki for all their help, Tea and Biscuits.

The A Bath Wedding website. Click on the picture above or on the link to visit.
http://www.abathwedding.co.uk/Thank you for your interest.


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