14 September 2009

B.E.C Group SEO early results

Client: B.E.C. Group - Plastic engineering
Project: SEO & SEM

Info: Traditionally B.E.C Group has promoted their website, using a very successful on-line marketing campaign but recently, decided to build on this success, with an SEO and SEM program Designed by Deshok.

The original creative B.E.C Group website, built by Deshok.com, has been reconfigured to allow for this. Basically a deconstruction and rebuild in an HTML format but still enjoying the creativity and scope that Flash can afford. An FlasHTML format if you like. The 1st stage of this project was launched: 6/4/09 with the 2nd being up-loaded on the 8/9/09.
First Found Search Engine Consultants were asked to provide a preliminary report on the how becgroup.com is doing. I think that it is early days but everybody is very impressed that becgroup.com has achieved a ranking of 10 out of for their chose search term, throughout the Internet.

An excellent start.

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  1. Hi Neil we talked the other lunchtime about SEO and the Terence O'Rourke new website.
    I like you Blog and the post about BEC and it's search engine rankings.
    Can this be something that you can include in our site?

  2. Hi Lee

    Thank you for remembering out little chat.
    SEO is a subject that I bear in mind whenever I design a new site or revamp and existing site.

    We can talk more when I come other.

  3. The bec web site is made in flash!
    Html is better!

  4. Google and the other top 5 search engines improved and up-graded their a algorithms back in June 2007 to read text and other correctly taged elements with-in the page and since then Flash hybrid sites as the B.E.C. site performs very well with-in-search engines, as the states bear-out.